I got a 1980s’ caravan on Facebook Marketplace – the ceiling was yellow, now £10 B&M tiles have made it unrecognisable | The Sun

A WOMAN who bought an old 1980s’ caravan complete with a yellow ceiling decided to totally transform it.

Maggie spotted the rundown vehicle on Facebook marketplace and paid £250 so she could start her renovation project – and her dream has now become a reality.

After purchasing the caravan, Maggie, whose TikTok profile is @maggierunningwild, recorded what it looked like inside, before telling her followers that she was going to make it over.

Maggie explained: “I saw this 1980 mini caravan on Facebook for £250 and I just had to have it.” 

She then captured her before images, as she showed its run down and old-fashioned bathroom, living room and kitchen area with patterned sofa and yellow ceiling, and dirty-looking grey kitchen cupboards.

Since, Maggie has been working hard to turn it around – and has shared exactly how she’s done it. 

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First, she decided to take the caravan – which she’s nicknamed Pearl – back to basics.

Uploading footage of her painting the main room, including the kitchen cupboards, she explained: “And the first coat is going on.

“Whoever owned the van last painted it with thick grey glitter paint and it’s taken so much to get it all white.” 

But the hours clearly paid off,  as she eventually ended up with a great blank white canvas that she could work with.

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Next, she bought some B&M tiles – spending £10 for five sheets – and neatly stuck them to the kitchen walls to create a clear focal point. 

Once this was done, she added some finishing touches, including marble-effect kitchen toppers and a green door to stand out from the more neutral palette.

Meanwhile, she also made it her mission to take the ceiling to fit into her colour scheme.

She uploaded another video to her profile in which she could be seen spray-painting the ceiling with white paint.

Maggie wrote alongside it: “Getting rid of all that yellow… satisfying.”

And she didn’t stop there, as she decided to add a pop of colour to the outside of the vehicle, taking it from white and dirty to a baby pink.

She explained: “Give a girl a dream and a paint brush and watch her go!”

And her social media followers were all in agreement that she’s done a great job so far, as she continues with her renovation plans.

One person wrote: “Looks ace!”

As a second TikTok user typed: “Love it – never would have thought to do it. Great idea.” 

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