Tom Hanks made Karen Gillan a star… Doctor Who actress shares decisive conversation

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The 33-year-old Scot admitted she had become riddled with self-doubt until Hanks told her: “You’re really good. Keep going.”

The praise, while on the set of 2017 sci-fi epic The Circle, boosted Gillan’s confidence to continue her meteoric rise to worldwide fame courtesy of the Marvel Avengers and Jumanji franchises.

Recalling how she was sitting in a trailer between the Forrest Gump star and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, Gillan said she felt her self-doubt evaporate.

She said: “To have someone you idolise say you’re not terrible was trippy. From that point, I worked on my acting and completely rebuilt.”

Gillan is now starring in her first lead role in the movie Gunpowder Milkshake.

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