Tori Spelling Finds It Hard to See One of Her Kids Gets Bullied at School

The former star of ‘BH90210’, who shares five kids with husband Dean McDermott, reveals that their children have to deal with ‘in-person bullying from their peers’ and ‘social bullying from adults, even other parents.’

AceShowbizTori Spelling just revealed that one of her kids had a rough start to the school year. In an interview with PEOPLE, the former star of “BH90210” admitted that it is hard for her to see her child getting bullied on the first day of school.

“My kids just went back to school and just when you think one got through it, one of my other children was bullied on the first day of school,” she shared. “I felt like with the one, we just got through it and we are really working on re-boosting her confidence and just bringing out her skills.”

Tori went on to clarify that she was referring to her daughter Stella. “The route I took with Stella is going to be different than the route I take with my other child, getting them through that situation,” she added.

The mom of five noted that “our kids have to deal with a lot” nowadays. She continued, “They’re dealing with in-person bullying from their peers, but then they’re dealing with social bullying from adults, even other parents.”

“That’s where I really draw the line. And I’ll speak up, any day of the week, I’ll step up and say something,” the TV personality stated. “It’s hard because we’re taught that professionals, or for kids adults, are experts in their given field. They know better.”

Tori previously disclosed that Stella’s “bullying started in 5th grade in Encino.” She further elaborated in the July 2021 Instagram post, “Sadly, the boy that bullied her and other girls & boys wasn’t stopped. His parents were on the board. They gave the school a lot of $. Sadly$ won out over the emotional care of the kids. I know i’ve talked bullying before. But, worse than that was the bullying she faced from her own principal.”

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