Tristan Thompson Has Reportedly Only Seen Son Prince NINE TIMES Since His 2016 Birth…

Tristan Thompson, what are you doing?!

The NBA star is apparently really, REALLY busy with basketball — or something — because according to a set of shocking new court documents filed by his first baby momma, Thompson has allegedly only seen his first-born son Prince NINE TIMES since the child’s 2016 birth.

According to the court docs — an official declaration filed by his ex Jordan Craig as part of the couple’s child support fight claims that Thompson is averaging THREE visits per year with his now three-year-old son!

First uncovered this week by Radar Online, the documents are pretty damning in their accusations about Thompson being something of an absentee father, to say the least. Craig claims the pro athlete saw their son just once in 2016, four times in 2017, four more times in 2018, and the basketball star has yet to see the boy in 2019. Yikes…

The 27-year-old Los Angeles-based blogger and model wasn’t done there, though, as she continued on in the declaration, writing (below):

“I have given Tristan almost two years to step up and assume the fatherly role for our son. As set forth below in detail, he has failed to do so. I cannot force Tristan to be a father. I have been and will continue to be the sole caretaker of our son. It is my pleasure to care for him daily and tend to his needs. I only ask that the court order Tristan to pay child support in the amount he is legally required to under the guidelines.”


The real issue behind the declaration, as you might suspect, is child support. Craig also claims that while she and Thompson had been using an informal support schedule that they had both initially agreed upon, the NBA star quickly fell WAY behind on his payments, especially relative to what he was making ($16.4 million per year!) playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For his part, the 28-year-old disagrees with his first baby momma’s claim of nine visits in three years; during a late January deposition on the matter, he testified that he wasn’t exactly sure how many times he’d seen his son, saying (below):

“I don’t know the exact number … I doubt anyone was keeping time. I think it’s inaccurate.”


And while Craig is right about at least one thing — she can’t force Thompson to be a dad — her declaration here has gotten the ball moving on a new child support agreement. Last month, Tristan agreed to ante up, paying $40,000 per month along with a $200,000 retroactive lump sum as part of a new settlement between the two.

Money’s nice and all, and it’s plenty of cash to take care of Prince, but still… wouldn’t life be a little better if Thompson at least pretended to care like he does about his and Khloé Kardashian‘s daughter True Thompson?! Jeez…

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