Wayne Rooney 'furious' at his brother for night out with EDL's Tommy Robinson

Wayne Rooney is allegedly ‘furious’ at his brother Graham for associating with the English Defence League (EDL).

The footballer is said to be ‘angry and disappointed’ about a video in which Graham has his arm around EDL founder Tommy Robinson on a night out.

According to a new report in The Sun, father-of-four Wayne thinks it brings ‘shame’ to the family name.

A friend told the newspaper: ‘Wayne has spent the last 17 years sharing dressing rooms with players from every creed, colour and race.

‘He will be furious about what Graham has done. He has brought shame on the family name.’

The video was taken at the Slaughter House pub in Liverpool on the same day Robinson appeared at a rally in Merseyside.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is currently campaigning as a candidate for the North West of England for next week’s European Parliament elections.

The far-right activist was purged from Facebook and Instagram earlier this year, with YouTube cracking down on his outspoken views.

Robinson has been hitting headlines for several years now after founding the protest movement EDL.

The Luton-born activist has controversial views about his country, and a significant following of devotees who agree with him.

He has also been arrested on numerous occasions, usually on charges of inciting violence, but a few years ago he had a change of heart about how best to tackle extremism.

Specifically, he has vowed to fight the ‘Islamisation’ of European countries.

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