Where Else Can You Watch Jack From ‘The White Lotus,’ aka Leo Woodall? Find Out!

Leo Woodall made a splash on The White Lotus season two, literally, when he jumped into the pool.

He initially made a connection with Haley Lu Richardson‘s character in episode three, then we got to know more about him in episode four.

Leo plays Jack, “a British lad hailing from Essex who sparks a flirty and laid-back fling with Portia (Richardson) that can only be described as the ‘opposite’ of her somewhat forced relationship with Albie (Adam DiMarco),” according to TheWrap.

“Part of the point of Jack is that he’s the polar opposite to Albie,” Leo told TheWrap. “He, from the get go, provides the things that Portia thinks that she wants or needs at the at the beginning of the series.”

“At this point in time they’re having a lot of fun,” he added. “They’re just free birds … having a great time.”

If you’re loving Leo and/or Jack already, there’s more to come from him throughout the season, you may be wondering where else you can watch him.

Find out where inside…

Most recently, Leo made an appearance in two episodes of Vampire Academy on Peacock, where he portrayed Adrian Ivashkov, the Moroi son of Nathan and Daniella Ivashkov. Check out photos in the gallery!

Previously, he’s also been in a season 21 episode of British medical drama Holby City, as well as Tom Holland‘s Apple TV+ movie Cherry.

Coming up, Leo will be seen in Priyanka Chopra‘s upcoming series Citadel, as well as starring in his own Netflix series One Day alongside Ambika Mod.

In the meantime, you can also just follow him on Instagram – @leowoodall!

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