Belle Delphine is selling her bath water and is getting explicit requests

Belle Delphine, an Instagram model and NSFW cosplayer is making her coin by selling ‘gamer girl bathwater’.

That’s right, the British 19-year-old has been finessing users online by selling bath residue in jars.

Belle has already shifted 500 jars of the stuff and now it’s all sold out.

There’s only so many baths a girl can take.

Belle explained why she thought to flog the fluids which cost $30 a pop (£24).

‘So, there is a joke in the community among gamers where they will comment on a post saying “let me drink your bath water”,’ she tells

‘And although it’s a joke I just kind of found the idea of turning it into a reality and actually letting people own my bath water funny.’

Belle continued: ‘The last two days that the website has been open, I’ve sold over 500 bottles of bathwater, as of now I’ve had to stop as I can’t actually take enough baths and it’s sold out!’

Belle’s popularity has even meant friends buying it for one another as gifts.

But with that virality comes some unsavoury requests.

‘I have had a bunch of odd requests, some have asked me to spit in the water, pee in it and requested the water to come off my body and drip into the bottle from.. certain areas,’ she adds.

‘Honestly with the kind of messages that I get daily these requests don’t weird me out anymore.’

The Instagrammer, who currently has 3.9 million followers, recently pulled off the biggest bait and switch when she said she’d be stroking two cocks (as in cockerels) on Pornhub.

The Pornhub team even commented on the picture of Belle advertising the new product, asking: ‘How much for toenails?’

Belle is constantly trying to keep her followers entertained and hopes to top this gimmick too.

‘I constantly am trying to come up with weird ideas to post on my Instagram, so hopefully, I’ll be able to top this one day.’

If anyone can, it’s Belle.

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