Brad Pitt Bid $120K To Watch 'GoT' With Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke

Does anyone know what Brad Pitt thought of the Game of Thrones series finale? Apparently, the actor is a huge fan of the show, and bid up to $120,000 at a 2018 auction for the chance to watch his favorite GoT episode with Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, two members of the HBO show’s cast. Pitt was ultimately outbid, but Clarke is just now reflecting on the experience in a new Hollywood Reporter interview, calling it “the most ridiculous experience of [her] entire existence.”

Clarke offered up the anecdote when asked about the moment she realized she had made it in Hollywood. “I was at a gala event where I’d been asked to auction something, so I was like, ‘I don’t know, come watch your favorite [Game of Thrones] episode with me and we’ll eat a horse’s heart or something.’ I don’t think about what it is until I get there and then I’m sitting in a room with, like, every celebrity on the planet,” the Emmy-nominated actress shares. “I thought it would be a private thing where they wouldn’t say [the item] out loud, but then I have to stand up […] the room goes completely silent and I’m going to die and then one of my friends puts his paddle up. Suddenly, some other people start to put their paddles up and one of those people was Brad Pitt.”

Oh my. Clarke goes to report she “went the color [she’s] wearing right now [rosy pink],” and all but begged people to stop bidding. The auctioneer got into the spirit of things, shouting “is the King of the North here?!” to get fellow attendee Harington in on the action. Pitt, who started bidding at $80,000, upped it to $120,000 when Harington offered to sit in on the viewing too (no word on how the horse heart plays into all this). In the end, Clarke’s friend won the auction item for the whopping price of $160,000 (“go figure,” says Clarke). Honestly, we would’ve offered to watch TV with Pitt for free, but we can see how it was all a bit much in the moment.

The only question that remains from all this: what episode of Game of Thrones would Pitt have chosen as his favorite?! Red Wedding? Battle of the Bastards? Brad, if you see this — the world needs to know.

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