You Can Visit The ‘Big Little Lies’ Ice Cream Shop Where Reese Witherspoon & Meryl Streep Brawl

The second season of HBO’s Big Little Lies has given us a lot to look forward to. The drama! The intrigue! The context for why Reese Witherspoon threw ice cream at Meryl Streep in that photo! While you’ll have to wait until the second season premiere on June 9 for answers to your plot questions, you can visit the ice cream shop where they shot Big Little Lies’ ice cream scene in the meantime. It’s called Mother Moo Creamery, and I will wait while you peruse their list of ice creams and drool accordingly.

Yesterday, Reese Witherspoon shared a photo on Instagram of her and her on-screen eldest daughter Kathryn Newton eating ice cream. “Here’s the scoop… @biglittlelies is back in 2 weeks,” Witherspoon wrote with a series of ice cream and scandal-related emoji. Shortly after, the ice cream shop where the photo was taken, Mother Moo Creamery, reposted the photo of Witherspoon and Newton because Big Little Lies, like ice cream, is beloved by all.

According to Refinery29, Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre, Calif. is actually the sacred spot where Reese (aka Madeline Martha Mackenzie) threw that ice cream cone at Meryl (aka Mary Louise Wright aka Perry’s mom). (Rot in hell, Perry! xoxo)

In late July of last year, Mother Moo Creamery posted on Instagram letting its customers know one of their locations would be closed due to filming between July 30 and August 1: “Moo alert! Our Sierra Madre location will be closed Monday and Tuesday next week due to filming in the area. Our South Pasadena location will be fully stocked for all your ice cream, pie and coffee needs … or plan ahead, and stock up this weekend!”

This lines up with when Reese Witherspoon tweeted about The Photo™, confirming that she did, indeed, pelt Academy Award-winning actress of a generation Meryl Streep with a big ol’ ice cream cone. Acting is wild!!!

If you’re looking to recreate your own Reese-Meryl scene, once you make your inevitable pilgrimage to Mother Moo Creamery, you can order a couple of scoops of the shop’s 100 Percent Organic Pure Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. You could also opt for such flavors the website lists as Salted Butter Caramel or Lemon Drop or Dutch Apple Pie Crumble and is anyone else salivating or is it just me?

Mother Moo also sells baked goods like pies, cakes, and cookies, vintage candies and goodies, and coffee. Although, I’m not sure a box of cookies would be as satisfying to throw as a double-scoop ice cream cone.

Even if you can’t make it the ice cream motherland of Sierra Madre, you can still crack open a pink of Ben & Jerry’s and peruse teaser photos from season two of Big Little Lies. Make predictions about what the women will do after season one’s killer ending. See if you can make out any clues in the background of the scenes. Imagine what each of the women would look like hucking an ice cream cone at a famous actor.

If season two was just a montage of the women angrily throwing ice cream cones at people, I would be pleased. Give me Zoë Kravitz chucking a Drumstick ice cream at Daniel Day-Lewis. Show me Nicole Kidman surprising Olivia Coleman with a tub of Halo Top to the dome. I bet Shailene Woodley would rocket launch a Fudgesicle at Colin Firth if you let her. And don’t even get me started on what Laura Dern could do to Frances McDormand with a supply of $1 soft serve cones from McDonald’s.

All prestige drama should include at least one (1) food fight scene and us, the fans, should be privy to where it is shot.

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