Did Melania Trump Take Style Cues From Princess Diana to Meet the Queen?

With President Donald Trump currently in London meeting with the royal family, news of his visit has largely centered on politics: trade, Brexit, protests. But stealing a bit of Trump’s spotlight is his wife, with some thinking Melania Trump dressed like Meghan Markle and Princess Diana on her UK visit. The First Lady’s style was likened to the fashionable royals almost as soon as the Trumps arrived, thanks to one decidedly familiar-feeling ensemble.

Melania was photographed at Buckingham Palace on Monday wearing a chic white couture Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeve dress with contrasting navy collar and belt. A matching Hervé Pierre hat quite literally topped off the look. The look found fast praise (for the most part; more on that in a minute) on social media, where admirers compared the ensemble to a few specific sartorial moments in royal history. As outlets pointed out, Melania’s hat, in particular, seems to mimic one worn by Lady Di at a 1991 ceremony commemorating the Battle of Minden. As Fox News noted, the entire outfit could be a modern nod to Diana’s style during the V-J Day Festivities in 1995. Melania’s style also drew comparisons to the monochromatic hat and shirtdress the Duchess of Sussex wore during 2018’s Royal Ascot.

Not everyone was a fan of Melania’s royal visit style, though. This is the internet, after all. Some pointed out that, when Michelle Obama was FLOTUS, she received heavy criticism for being photographed in sleeveless garb — while little is being said of Melania wearing a sleeveless gown on Monday evening alongside the Queen.


Others alluded to the 2016 contention that Melania borrowed lines from one of Obama’s speeches for her own speech at the Republican National Convention.

Regardless, Melania’s sartorial choices are of little consequence to the nation’s diplomatic ties with the UK — the purpose of the Trump family’s trip to London. So far on the long-delayed state visit, President Trump has discussed hot-button topics like Brexit, trade and more with the royal family and other foreign dignitaries.

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