Tom DeLonge Shares Blink-182 Lip Sync Selfie

Tom DeLonge shared on Instagram a selfie video of himself lip syncing to Blink-182‘s “I Miss You” at a restaurant on Saturday.

“Da voice inside my yead,” the former Blink-182 singer-guitarist captioned the video.

The post from DeLonge comes amid ongoing rumors of a potential reunion of the original Blink-182 members.

However, Blink-182 bass guitarist and vocalist Mark Hoppus denied the rumors in a recent interview.

“There is not any talk of that right now. I mean, I’ll never say never to anything, but that is a completely unfounded rumor at this point,” Hoppus told KROQ-FM.

He also ruled out the possibility of a new Blink album releasing in June.

“There is not an exact date,” Hoppus told the Los Angeles radio station, adding, “It is coming out this summer”.

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