Is Meghan Markle More Powerful Than Everybody Thinks?

Meghan Markle doesn’t usually come to mind when people discuss power. When most people think about power, they think about politicians, corporate leaders, and billionaires. Now, things are starting to shift. With influencers ruling the global market, some might say popularity is power.

Think about today’s styles, makeup, and even home decor. All you need is one person with a lot of followers to change any industry completely.

That is one of the reasons we believe Meghan Markle is more powerful than everybody thinks. She has a lot of influence, not just in America and the U.K., but her reach is growing further every day. On top of having a huge fanbase, she has a tremendous amount of influence with her husband and his family. Here’s why she might be one of the most powerful figures today.

Meghan Markle has power as a royal family member

Obviously, being part of the royal family increases her power. It’s a little more so for her, though. She wasn’t born into the family, and still, she made it look easy. Almost as if she was meant for the role.

She also seems to get along with everyone. Even if the media claims she is in a feud, we still see her getting along and working with those same people.

If any of those rumors are true, it might be the ones that talk about jealousy. She is, after all, getting a lot of attention. And, again, our society values popularity. Even bad attention can be good sometimes. If her popularity were to grow bigger then some other more established royals, it might ruffle a few feathers.

Meghan’s husband is one of the most popular royals

One of the biggest things Meghan Markle has going for her is her husband. Let’s face it; she was not the most sought after actress in Hollywood. Who knows what the future would have looked like if she never married the prince, but that’s all in some other reality.

Here, she is married to Prince Harry, and he happens to be very popular, even if he will never be king. Some have even called him the People’s Prince because of how much the public loves him. He was also very close to his mother, the late Princess Diana. She was known as the People’s Princess for a reason. She was one of the most beloved royals, and still is.

Because Markle is married to Prince Harry, she pretty much gained the same love and respect that his fans show him. She is also often compared to his mother, for her generosity and kindness. Both traits are ones that Harry adores.

According to Yahoo, “Meghan is incredibly powerful and that the royal family should take notice of her influence if they don’t already.”

She is a new mother with strong influence

With the birth of her son, Markle gained even more power. She and Prince Harry have decided to keep Archie out of the spotlight. Well, as much as they possibly can anyway. This choice may have inadvertently given both of them more power and popularity.

If pictures of their new bundle of joy are not readily available, people are more likely to tune in or purchase content with new images or video. They are controlling the supply and demand for their personal lives and privacy. It’s pretty smart if you think about it.

Add in the fact that Meghan Markle very clearly has a strong hold on Harry’s heart and attention, and you have one powerful woman. He might be the one with the real power, but she has his heart. That means she has a lot of influence. 

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