Gordon Ramsay gives us all that Friday feeling as he vibes out to Nightcrawlers

Gordon Ramsay absolutely vibezing to Nightcrawlers will probably be the best thing you’ll see all week.

The celebrity chef, 53, is quite the avid TikTok’er and he’s already racked up a whopping 10.2million followers.

So, naturally, it’s no surprise that Gordon is out here giving the people what they really want to see and that’s him expertly busting out a few moves in the car before smoothly exiting said moving vehicle and doing star jumps alongside it.

Gordon’s daughter can be heard saying at the beginning of the epic clip: ‘Dad, what day is it?’ before a remix of Nightcrawlers hit Push The Feeling On starts playing and Gordon expertly gives us all that Friday feeling.

‘It’s Friday, then it’s Saturday, Sunday,’ Gordon starts to sing while rocking his shades and clapping his hands, shoulder shrugging and bopping along to the iconic ’90s track.

The best bit? Gordon then jumping out of the car and strutting alongside it.

Happy Friday! #fyp

You can thank us later.

Gordon posted his video to TikTok alongside the caption: ‘Happy Friday! #fyp.’

His latest upload comes as the star has been isolating during lockdown in Cornwall with his family.

Gordon has slowly been getting back to business, however, as lockdown restrictions have eased up, allowing restaurants to open back up again, after enforcing closure for several months.

The Hell’s Kitchen star rejoiced over opening up his own restaurants once again and insisted it was ‘good to be back’, as he documented the moment on social media for fans.

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Off for an evening walk with @oscarjramsay

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Last month, Gordon was seen championing restaurants for bringing people together, as he argued lockdown had only highlighted more the importance of dining out with friends and family.

Urging fans to stay safe while eating out during the coronavirus pandemic, Gordon said: ‘You may have seen me and other talented chefs on your screens but trust me, there are thousands of highly skilled people who you don’t see who all rely on the existence of these restaurants, pubs and bars for their livelihood.

‘So please follow the guidelines, maintain a safe distance where possible and always wash your hands regularly.’

Fans can expect to see plenty more of Gordon, as it’s been confirmed he’ll be back for a new series of Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip, after the pandemic delayed a new series of the ITV show.

He joins Gino D’Campo and Fred Sirieix on the road, with Fred confirming all plans are in motion for another series, as he told LadBible: ‘Yes, it’s happening. We’ve put the route and the travel plan together, we’re going to go next year.’

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