Melania Trump’s Naked Photos Are the Talk of Twitter Again Thanks to This Unlikely Star

Last weekend, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performed their record-breaking hit “WAP” at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. Today, Melania Trump’s naked photos from her modeling days got more attention than they have in years. How are these two things connected? In the big picture, the Republican party and conservatives in general connect these two, many of whom objected to Cardi B’s performance on the basis that it was too graphic for what they would have preferred to be a family-friendly show (see: Fox News, all week long). But specifically, it was conservative commentator Candace Owens whose criticism of Cardi B caught the rapper’s attention, who countered with an example of nudity to which Owens had historically not objected: Melania Trump’s naked photos.

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