Most popular baby names of 2019 so far – and Olivia is no longer number one

Choosing a name for your little one can be a difficult task.

You have to decide whether you want something modern or traditional, something unique or something that has a special meaning to you.

But whatever you choose you have to be prepared to love that name for the rest of your child's life.

If you're looking for a little bit of baby name inspiration, US website Nameberry have just revealed their official top 10 baby names of 2019 so far – and there are some surprising additions on the list.

According to Nameberry, the list was calculated based on "which names attracted the most of the 11 million views of our name pages so far this year".

For the girls, their winner was Posie, a sweet, floral name that nabbed the top spot from 2018's most popular name, Olivia.

Olivia actually came in third most popular on their site, with Isla taking second place.

This was followed by a Disney princess name, Aurora, and Maeve which may have seen an increase in popularity thanks to the recent Netflix comedy, Sex Education, featuring a character of that name.

For the boys, it was Milo that was found to have been the most popular with parents so far this year – with fans of the TV show This Is Us taking their inspiration from actor Milo Ventimiglia.

This was followed by Jasper in second place and old-fashioned literary name Atticus in third.

Theo or Theodore continued to be a hit with parents, coming in at number 4. Last year it was ranked much lower, coming in at number 14 in Babycentre's top 100.

The final name in the top five was Asher.

Top five names for girls:

1. Posie

2. Isla

3. Olivia

4. Aurora

5. Maeve

Top five names for boys:

1. Milo

2. Jasper

3. Atticus

4. Theodore

5. Asher

Nameberry also revealed a few other baby names which are likely to be loved by parents as the year goes on, including Jack – which they say is especially loved by parents in Ireland and Scotland.

The other name they believe will have staying power is Charlotte. This name is currently number 10 on their list.

As well as these, they also predict a rise in the popularity of Atticus, Finn, Cora, Adah, Opelia, Lyra and Silas.

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