Our Mom & Dad, Jenna Fischer & Jon Krasinski, Are Straight Up Feuding on Twitter

Alert, alert: our unofficial parents from The Office, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski, are feuding on Twitter. Okay, so it’s not exactly a real feud but it still counts! Fischer and Krasinski are both avid hockey fans and have been posting about their respective teams, the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins, on social media over the course of the Stanley Cup tournament. After the Blues made their way into the Stanley Cup finals with the Bruins on Tuesday, fans began to put two and two together that things were about to get really awkward for these two pals.

Twitter user @veleno tagged Fischer and Krasinski in a side-by-side photo of the two actors, each wearing their respective teams jerseys and looking stoked to be hockey fans. Fischer, seemingly picking up on the amusing fact that she and Krasinski would now be “pitted against” one another as their teams fought it out for the Stanley Cup, retweeted the photo and captioned it, “Oh boy…”

Krasinski was also alerted to the possible trouble brewing between he and Fischer thanks to @veleno’s photo. Krasinski also retweeted the photo, adding a similarly simple yet very expressive “Uh oh…” as a caption.

From there, Fischer had some fun with the hockey feud now officially happening between her and Krasinski. Upping the ante, Fischer replied to Krasinski’s tweet, writing, “This is going to be interesting…” Hey, Fischer, maybe instead of all the ellipses you could actually do some fun trash-talking, too? We wanna see you and Krasinski go all in on this once-in-a-lifetime feud!

Fischer seems okay with the fact that she and Krasinski will be on opposite sides of the Stanley Cup fence when the finals happen on May 27. She replied to a tweet from NBC Sports Boston which alerted fans the fact that Fischer and Krasinski have unwittingly become enemies during the Stanley Cup finals. Poking fun at it all, Fischer wrote to NBC Sports Boston, “This is amazing.”

Hopefully, our favorite Office couple can work out their differences and cheer for each other’s teams during the final, although we’re sure that’ll be tough because hockey team loyalties are forever.

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