Prince William Kept a Low Profile As He Arrived Solo to the Wedding of a Former Flame That's Considered His 'First Love'

Before Prince William and Kate Middleton became Will and Kate, the two dated quite a few people throughout their adolescence and adulthood. William’s dating history before Kate consisted of a few college classmates, some heiresses, and even a journalist, and like most adults, he had a first love. However, unlike many adults, William is still incredibly close to his reported first love — so much so that he arrived solo at her wedding this past weekend.

An inside source told PEOPLE that the Prince of Wales kept a low profile when he attended Rose Farquhar’s wedding to George Gemmell on Dec 17 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Tetbury, in Gloucestershire.

The gorgeous event was attended by many friends and family, including another one of William’s ex-girlfriends Olivia Hunt (the journalist we mentioned!), along with lovebirds Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Rupert Finch (who’s one of Kate’s exes.)

So, according to the Daily Mail, Farquhar was reportedly William’s “first love.” The former singer-songwriter now actually works close to royal members, currently working on special projects and business development for the Duchess of Rutland’s Belvoir Castle, per People.

It is confirmed that Farquhar and William were childhood best friends, but it’s alleged that the two briefly dated during college. However, the pair have remained incredibly close throughout the years, with her even attending William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Andersen

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