Rapper Cardi B urges fans to return her wig

Please return my wig. That is the call by American rapper Cardi B after she ripped her wig off and threw it into the crowd at a performance in London last Friday (July 5).

The Grammy-winning musician was headlining the Wireless Festival in London’s Finsbury Park.

However, she seems to have regretted tearing her hair out after the show, as she posted a video of the incident on her Instagram account on Saturday, writing: “I GOT CARRIED AWAY…I want my wig back. Dm (direct message) me.”

Several celebrities reacted to her post. Fellow rapper Snoop Dogg commented: “I’m done. U may have pulled off. The greatest move in hip-hop.”

American actress Taraji P. Henson was probably surprised by the saga, as she wrote: “It be like that sometimes huh man.”

Meanwhile, British singer Ray BLK said what was probably on everyone’s mind when she wrote: “Too late it’s already on eBay sis.”

Reports said there was indeed a bid on eBay for the alleged wig, although no one could confirm if it was the one thrown by Cardi B last Friday. She has also not disclosed whether she has recovered the hairpiece which caused her to have a bad hair day.

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