Sideswipe: August 11: Budget panel and paint

Only in NZ

Katie (@katie_pai) tweets: “Picked up uncle from the airport and his checked in luggage was just 23kg of hangi stones…he really is our family’s hangi king.”
“Aotearoa, where “jeez it feels like you’ve
got rocks in your suitcase” is met with “yes, actually” and everyone is happy about it,” replies Nat Torkington (@gnat).

Colonoscopy invader

When venturing into the human colon, there are a few things gastroenterologist might expect to see. A tumour, scarring, ulcers, and a little bit of poop are all commonplace, but sometimes there’s something really, really interesting like a ladybug. And gastrointestinal specialist Dr Keith Siau shared several case studies where cockroaches had also been discovered during colonoscopies. About the ladybug. Dr Siau added: “For people wondering if they came up the bottom end, the resting pressure of the anal sphincter is about 40-50mmHg, which is about the tightness of a deep vein thrombosis stocking. No bug is going to be able to climb up there!”

Tweet of the day

Post-postal generation

Pam writes: “I went to post two cards yesterday at the post shop. The young man who served me proceeded to cut the stamps off the sheet with a pair of scissors. I  said  to him they were perforated and he could just tear them off, but no he continued slowly cutting them out.”

Happy big birthday Trevor from NZ Post

“Reaching a certain age soon I needed to renew my driver’s licence. Monday visited GP for medical and eyesight test and certificate. Tuesday visit AA office for photo and pay fee. Thursday receive new licence from NZTA by normal mail! Unheard of in recent times, and I am still three weeks from my birthday!”

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