Sideswipe: May 12: Double take

When multi-tasking doesn't work out

A Canadian MP was caught attending a parliamentary meeting from the potty. Fortunately his phone camera, which was propped up on a ledge behind the toilet, didn’t lay bare what, exactly, he was doing in the stall. Now Shafqat Ali, down in the dumps after other members of Parliament exposed his location, is apologising, calling it an “unfortunate event”. Liberal party member Shafqat Ali participated in a hybrid session of Parliament last Friday, joining with a Zoom-like feed visible only to other parliamentarians. But Conservative members grew suspicious of his surroundings and told the House that a lawmaker “might be participating in a washroom” somewhere inside Parliament.

Funny names

1. Steve Horne of Raglan: “My Grandma named her cat ‘Get out’. As youngsters we used to giggle with delight as Grandma called the cat inside: ‘Come in, Get out’. Her cat would wander around by the door looking somewhat confused …”

2. A reader writes: “Motor homes also have great names. One of ours was called ‘The New Kitchen’. Guess which bank account the money to buy came from!”

Everybody is talking about the price of cheese

Sue snapped one photo in Waitrose supermarket in England about a month ago (£1.60, which was about $3.40 at the time). Then, back in NZ, she went to find her favourite cheese …

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