There won't be 'competing egos' – Eoghan McDermott on new 2FM breakfast show with Doireann Garrihy

Eoghan McDermott says there will be no clash of egos with his new 2FM radio show co-host Doireann Garrihy.

Their new breakfast show has replaced the beloved Breakfast Republic in the latest station shake-up.

Eoghan (36) has moved to early mornings from hosting his own drive time show.  However, he says he has no problem sharing the airwaves with a co-host for the first time.

“I don’t think there’s going to be competing egos if you know what I mean?  I think we’re both aware of our respective strengths and we’re focused on those,” he told

Doireann (27) joked, “Eoghan is so used to doing it on his own I’m sure there’ll be moments where I’ll be like, ‘Eoghan, I’m here!’ but it would be weird if there wasn’t!”

Breakfast Republic, which was hosted by Jennifer Zamparelli, Bernard O’Shea, and Keith Walsh, for five years was hugely popular and its demise was met with disappointment from many morning listeners.

However, Eoghan and Doireann feel they’re up to the task of building on that show’s legacy.

Speaking about Breakfast Republic’s success Doireann said, “You have that in mind but I think we want to use that to our advantage and almost it will drive us on to want to do that slot justice.”

While their show is different in style she says they will have the “same level of enthusiasm”.

Eoghan adds, “Intimidating is not the word but I’m definitely conscious of the legacy, that we’re being handed something that people love.

“It wasn’t a dying animal that needed to be put out of its misery.  It was a healthy show and in that sense it’s a brave move from 2FM but I feel like we can honour that and kick on.”

Earlier this year Doireann revealed she suffered burnout at the end of last year following a busy stint jugging TV and radio projects, including her web series The Doireann Project, the reboot of Podge & Rodge, and presenting on Spin 103.

For the first five weeks of her new 2FM show she will also be filming The Doireann Project in the afternoons.  However, this time she is prepared.

“It’s mad but I’ve had ages to prepare for it and I just know what I need to do – I need to get off my phone and go to sleep,” she said.

“Before, I thought I could do it all – I thought I could do a million Insta stories a day and film and Podge & Rodge and whatever else.  Now I’m like, the world goes on, Instagram keeps scrolling even if you’re not there.”

2FM Breakfast with Doireann and Eoghan airs on 2FM from 6am to 9am.

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