Who Will Be Baby Archie's Godparents? Here Are the Most Likely Choices

There’s plenty of royal family goings-on to keep track of, but the one event we should really be looking forward to, in my humble opinion, is who will be Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby Archie’s godparents. As the time for Archie’s christening draws closer, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry are going to have to make some big decisions about the folks they’ll want to help guide Archie through his life — both as a royal and as a person. Luckily, Meghan and Harry have tons of options to choose from thanks to their respectively sizable social circles, all comprised of dear friends who are at the tops of their fields and would make great godparents to the couple’s born.

First things first: How many godparents does a royal baby get? The number might surprise you. Unlike the traditional amount of godparents (usually one man and one woman) most of us common folk have when we’re born, a royal baby is lucky enough to get six to seven godparents, and that is typically evenly divided among godfathers and godmothers. For example, Archie’s cousin Prince Louis has six godparents. And like Louis, it’s expected that the names of Archie’s godparents will be announced the day of or before his christening, which typically takes place a few months after he was born. In other words: We should expect his christening to happen in the first week of July or first week of August.

When it comes to choosing godfathers, there are so many options. Among the most major and likeliest contenders are (probably) in Harry’s inner circle. Those godfather options include Harry’s closest friend Charlie van Straubenzee, who also gave the best man speech at Harry’s wedding; Nicholas Van Cutsem, one of Harry’s childhood friends and who chose Harry to be the godfather to his own daughter; Elton John, who Harry has known since he was a child and has been a close friend to the royal family for decades; and last but not least, Tom Inskip, another man in Harry’s inner circle who has been his close confidante for years.

As for godmothers, Meghan has a similarly expert and varied group of women she could choose from. Among the top contenders would be her close friends who have stuck by her side through the years, which include: actors Priyanka Chopra and Abigail Spencer; tennis pro and BFF Serena Williams; stylist Jessica Mulroney, who has been a frequent figure in Meghan’s life, especially over the [ast year and a half. Meghan could also choose from within the royal family, opting to ask Zara Phillips, Kate Middleton, or Princesses Eugenie or Beatrice to help shoulder the godmothering duties.

One other fun option would be considering two important celebrity couples that Harry and Meghan hold near and dear to their hearts: George and Amal Clooney or Barack and Michelle Obama. Harry and Meghan have both worked and hung out with these respective couples consistently over the years, and all of them have become close friends of them during that time.

Basically, whoever gets the honor of being Archie’s godparents will be lucky as hell. Any of these choices would be perfect godparenting choices — we can’t wait to see who Harry and Meghan end up choosing.

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