8 Drops You Don't Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the sixth drop from Supreme‘s Fall/Winter 2020 collection marked by a collaboration with Fox Racing, along with Palace‘s unexpected Rapha team-up for the EF Pro Cycling team to wear during this year’s Giro d’Italia.

Accompanying its Week 7 release, Supreme has readied a team-up with the legendary motocross brand. comprised of water-resistant SUPPLEX® nylon jackets, hooded sweatshirts and matching fleece sweatpants, the special range celebrates an outlook of performance sportswear. Additionally, this week the New York skate label is also releasing its Fall 2020 Tees.

Other standout collaborations include Patta‘s sustainability-focused Levi’s reworked capsule, the RIOT HILL x TATRAS FW20 collection and RHUDE‘ Los Angeles Lakers collection. Yen Town Market also put together the “Nujabes World Tour” and 99%IS- delivered its “ATT1%TUDE” fueled FW20 collection. Rounding up this week’s drops is the Fall 2020 seasonal range from Jerry Lorenzo‘s Fear of God ESSENTIALS line.

Los Angeles Lakers x RHUDE Collection

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Inspired by his love of American culture and the sport of basketball, designer Rhuigi Villaseñor came together with the Los Angeles Lakers to craft a truly special RHUDE collection.

Celebrating the legacy of the iconic team, the special range is centered around washing RHUDE favorites with the Lakers’ signature mix of gold, purple and white. Accented by a tinge of retro flair, the collaboration is led by takes on the Lightning Bomber Jacket in satin and leather, black, white and gold Bandana Bomber Jacket and faded gold and purple colorways of the RHECESS-HI sneaker. Other standouts include the Quarter-Zip in an array of color options, vintage championship-inspired Ring Tee, Warm-Up Pants, Logo Shorts and a lineup of Lakers themed socks. Aside from the signature Logo Hat in gold, headwear styles come in partnership with New Era and see Rhuigi reimagine the classic Lakers logo with RHUDE branding.

When: Now
Where: RHUDE, New Era & Los Angeles Lakers

Yen Town Market Nujabes “World Tour” Collection

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Yen Town Market

Honoring the late legendary Japanese producer Nujabes, Yen Town Market has put together a collection that marks the artist’s first-ever “world tour.” Dubbed “Nujabes World Tour,” the special range was created with Nujabes estate to achieve a feat that he couldn’t achieve when he was alive.

Slated to drop October 2020, December 2020 and February 2021, the capsule features apparel, accessories and home and drinkware. Leading the range is a pair of sweaters marked with “Nujabes” on the front and his mysterious logo on the rear, similarly decorated neutral tone caps and tote bags embellished with the logo of the producer’s Hydeout Productions. Other items include a pillowcase, umbrella, mugs and phone cases decorated with the album art of Hydeout Productions 1st Collection and Nujabes’ Metaphorical Music.

When: Now
Where: Yen Town Market


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Riot Hill/Tatras

RIOT HILL and Japanese label TATRAS have come together once again to release their previously revealed Fall/Winter 2020 collaboration.

Titled “SO FAR SO GOOD,” the special range draws design cues from Swiss military uniforming and modern Japanese architecture. Utilizing TATRAS’ material expertise, RIOT HILL crafted a selection of functional wares that builds on its signature industrial and utilitarian leanings. Accenting elements found throughout the collection include exaggerated pocketing, extended strap, heavy-duty hardware and asymmetric zippering. Undeniably, outerwear serves as a main focus with premium goose down jackets, reimagined MA-1 bomber jackets and skit jackets made with Italian Cordura. Other standouts include US and Japanese Air Force-inspired vests, Japanese raw denim sets and striking workwear cargo pants.

When: Now (Japan Release), Global Release October 23
Where: TATRAS Concept Store & TATRAS

99%IS- FW20 Release

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Returning for Fall/Winter 2020, anarchy fueled South Korean designer Bajowoo has put together an evocative range of garments for 99%IS-‘s 15th collection.

The latest seasonal offering is centered around Bajowoo’s expression of “ATT1%TUDE,” a concept developed through his experiences with the punk subculture and informed by his life experiences. Leading the selection is the “WE ARE THE FUTURE” Washing Zip-Up Hoodie which features a garment-dyed base that serves as a faded canvas for the glow-in-the-dark screen printed graphics and Hangul (Korean) script embroidery above the pockets. Additional details on the relaxed fit item are toggle fitted drawstrings for the hood and a silicone 99%IS- patch on the left sleeve.

The distinct bold graphic focus is continued on the REFLECTIVE SKULL LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRTS defined by the 3M reflective skeleton motif printed on the front and thumbhole detail at the cuffs. Building on its DIY aesthetic, 99%IS- has also released the FINE APPLE CAP which comes in washed black and decorated with multicolor safety pins, tonal stitching, patch applications and handwritten text at the brim.

When: Now
Where: HBX

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020 Week 6 Drop

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Continuing its major FW20 collaborations, Supreme has now returned to reveal its collaboration with Fox Racing to accompany its Week 7 Drop.

The latest team-up is centered around the legendary motocross brand’s outlook of performance sportswear. Comprised of water-resistant SUPPLEX® nylon jackets, hooded sweatshirts and matching fleece sweatpants, the special range comes in
“Black,” “Pink/Yellow” and “Heather Gray/Orange.” Additionally, this week the New York skate label is also releasing its Fall 2020 Tees. With eight T-shirt styles in total, some standouts include the Box Logo Longsleeve Tee, Smurfs Tee and Clientele Tee.

The accompanying Week 7 Drop is led by Technical Field Jacket, Stone Washed Sweater and Futura Logo Crewneck. Other standouts include the Tartan Flannel Shirt, Compact Dot Shortsleeve Shirt, Dragon Hockey Jersey and L.A.M.F. Shortsleeve Top. Headwear this time around comes in the form of the Precision 6-Panel, Velvet Camp Cap, Big Logo Beanie and Wide Rib Beanie. While this week’s boldly branded accessory is the take on Colgate’s six-ounce tube of cavity protection fluoride toothpaste.

When: October 8, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan Release October 10, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme Online

Fear of God ESSENTIALS Fall 2020 Collection

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Fear Of God Essentials

Returning for Fall 2020, Jerry Lorenzo‘s Fear of God ESSENTIALS has presented a new season that continues the focus on wearability, comfort and timelessness.

The forthcoming collection serves to introduce a new category of loungewear, defined by classic jersey tanks, thermal henleys, lounge pants and shorts accented with a dark ESSENTIALS elastic waistband. Another new addition is the souvenir jacket which is expressed in satin nylon army green and reflective black. Returning relaxed, minimal silhouettes include the classic fleece and jersey style variations updated with darker subdued, Earthy tones ranging from dark heather grey, alfalfa green, to stretch limo black. Aside from the returning puffer jackets and tracksuits, the trucker jacket and jean styles from previous seasons are also set to be re-introduced in evocative distressed indigo washes.

When: October 9
Where: Select Retailers like GR8

Patta x Levi’s Capsule

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Looking to make its mark in the sustainable fashion realm, Amsterdam imprint Patta, turned its attention back to Levi’s pieces it collaborated on some years back.

Serving as its first reworked capsule, the special range reworks jackets, jeans, shirts and headwear. Building on the American heritage denim, Patta utilized its streetwear outlook with a European leaning to create the environmentally-conscious offerings. Refashioned and dyed, each coach jacket, fishtail jacket, trucker jacket and western shirt included in the collaboration is unique and available in black and white color options.

When: October 9
Where: Patta

Palace x Rapha Giro d’Italia 2020 Collection

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Palace Skateboards

Turning its attention back to the world of sporting performance wear, Palace recently partnered with Rapha to equip the EF Pro Cycling team for this year’s Giro d’Italia. The team, supported by Rapha since 2019, has been outfitted the Palace-designed kit, right down to the Cannondale race bikes and POC helmets and eyewear.

Centered around a bold pattern and co-branded Palace and Tri-Ferg logo, the special range features performance jerseys and training jerseys, the collaboration also extends to bib shorts and bespoke helmets and eyewear from Swedish label POC in the form of a new version of its Tempor helmet model. Some off-track offerings prepared by Palace include a stand-out GORE-TEX jacket, as well as hoodies, T-shirts, long sleeves, oxford shirts and caps all featuring the same aesthetic cues as the more performance-orientated pieces.

When: October 9
Where: Palace & Rapha
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