Amazing hack sees woman create perfect beachy waves overnight using just a dressing gown cord

A WOMAN has revealed how she created perfect curls by twisting her hair round her dressing gown cord.

The woman, who asked not to be named, showcased the amazing look on Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargains.

She said: "Not really a bargain but thought I'd share with you all.

"I tried wrapping my hair around a dressing gown robe over night and the results are amazing so don't be going out buying expensive curling gadgets ladies all you need is a dressing gown belt…"

People were stunned with how well it turned out – creating gorgeous beachy waves.

And others had a go too, with one woman saying: "My mum used to do this when I was little, called it rags ."

Another woman added: "You can also do this with a pair of tights."

She's not the only one to boast brilliant hair as a result of this trick. Shortly before she announced her pregnancy, Dani Dyerrevealed how she uses her dressing gown cord to get picture perfect curls in her hair.

Putting the TikTok life hack into practice, Dani filmed a IGTV where she raved about how the curls "lasted all day long" – which she says NEVER normally happens.

She said: "It's so quick and easy, [there's] no heat. Whoever thought of this is a genius!"

To begin with, Dani separated her long locks into two bunches and places the dressing gown chord over her head.

Giving her 3.2m followers a step-by-step guide, Dani said: "You get the front bit of your hair, get it over the dressing gown and get another bit of hair from behind and put it under."

You then continue wrapping sections of hair from the front and back around the chord until it's almost entirely covered.

She added: "Obviously I've got extensions in so my hair is pretty long at the minute so it probably would be easier for girls who did have shorter hair.

"But I just loved it – I thought, 'is it too good to be true?'"

As you reach the end of your hair, simply twirl the final strands around the remaining chord – and for the best results, Dani recommends leaving it overnight.

"Make sure you pull it tight," she added. "Because if you sleep like me and you're a bit of a tosser and turner, then it might get a little bit messy."

She then secured her handiwork with a hair tie and began the process again on the other side.

In the caption of her tutorial, Dani wrote: "I slept with it overnight and got my bouncy curl results, I did mine with dry hair but I think you can also do with damp."

Posting a picture of her bouncy curls afterwards, Dani joked that the TikTok hack had "changed her life".

Little bubba can’t believe you are going to be ours. Me and Sammy are so excited to start this next chapter in our lives, feel so lucky and grateful.. 2021💖💙

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And let's just say, we're not the only ones who wish we thought of it before.

Dani's video has been viewed by over half a million Instagram users – and fans were in awe of how well it worked on her hair.

Tagging a mate in the comments, one replied: "OMG I did not know this!!"

Another added: "Trying this tonight!"

A third wrote: "Blimey Dani, that's took me back a good few years – Julie used to do mine with rags to get ringlets."

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