Britney Spears Says She's a 'Girl with New Hair' as She Flaunts Her Fresh Cut and Highlights

Britney Spears is embracing her new hair!

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old singer recorded a video of herself on Instagram showing off her fresh haircut, which appeared to include some extensions and new blonde highlights.

In addition to showing off her new ‘do, Spears also rocked khaki shorts and a cropped blouse that tied in the front and displayed her toned stomach.

“I just got my haircut and new highlights!” the singer cheerfully announced in the clip. “A girl with new hair. What am I gonna do?”

She seemed to answer that question in the caption of the video, where she suggested, “Maybe I should go shopping”

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Spears has long been a fan of changing up her hairstyles and wearing extensions.

She even made headlines in March 2015 when a section of her blonde extensions became loose during her performance of “Do Something” at her “Piece of Me” Las Vegas residency.

After dangling for a few seconds behind her, the clip-ins fell to the stage, but Spears didn’t miss a beat and continued her dance routine like normal.

Spears’ hair change comes one day after she accused paparazzi of photoshopping pictures of her to make her look heavier.

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In a since-deleted Instagram video, the singer shared her thoughts about paparazzi photos that appeared online of her during a boat ride in Miami, wearing a yellow and black bikini.

Spears shared one of the paparazzi photos along with two videos of herself a few hours later, wearing a crop top and low-rise jeans to show off her stomach.

“Good morning, this is the day after me on my boat ride. Do I look any different today than yesterday?” she asked in the video. “People always say people or celebrities cheat with their images, but never do they question the paparazzi for selling your pic that they have messed with !!!! This was all done within the same 17 hours !!!!”

Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari, who was also on the boat ride, supported her in the comments, adding, “The realest ? #lioness.”

The singer also accused the paparazzi shots of making her look “40 lbs. bigger” in a video that was posted to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night.

“A lot of fans in our world today, they always are subject to really criticize people and say that the pictures and videos that they’re posting are either not on time or they’re fake. But no one ever really asks, ‘Are the paparazzi pictures fake, and do the paparazzi people do stuff to the pictures and is the news really real?’ ” she said. “It’s a conspiracy theory that I’m actually interested in. Yesterday I went swimming. I look like I’m 40 pounds bigger [in the photos] than I am today. This is how I am right now and I’m skinny as a needle. You tell me, what is real?”

Though she was frustrated with the paparazzi photos, Spears had spent the weekend enjoying the sun in Miami with Asghari. On Monday, Spears shared a video of her spin on a jet ski and gave a quick tour of their hotel room.

She followed that up on Tuesday with some sexy shots of her and Asghari enjoying their getaway on the boat.

The mom of two is focusing on her health after spending time at a facility for an “all-encompassing wellness treatment.” Spears checked out on April 25 after spending several weeks there, according to sources close to the situation, and she is now receiving outpatient therapy.

Spears had a difficult year and struggled after her father suffered a life-threatening colon rupture in the fall.

Despite her father’s ongoing health problems, she has reassured fans that she’s doing well via social media, but a source close to the Spears family said in May that they are concerned about her mental health as she adjusts to a new course of medications.

“Britney is dealing with debilitating emotional issues that need to be treated with medications. It’s like she isn’t in control over her emotions right now,” the insider told PEOPLE. “Everything is very up and down.”

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