Cannabis Brand Burb Launches Comfort Collection Made From Hemp

Burb, a Vancouver-based cannabis brand, has dropped its new Comfort Collection just in time to stylishly kick back over the holidays. Made from a combination of hemp and cotton fabrics, the line contains six matching sets in colorways like Black, Hazel and Scour.

In addition to the Comfort Collection, Burb teamed with Vancouver artist Brotha Jason for an exclusive video featuring a track by 300 signee $NOT. The concept for the holiday video was aimed to promote creativity and individualism in a time of global uncertainty. It shows off the collection’s subtle design details, like oversized fits, custom patchwork and hood labels.

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Burb’s pieces are all cut, sewn, embroidered and finished in Vancouver, British Columbia with all-natural Canadian fabrics. The brand’s DNA has always been informed by quality cannabis and quality garments, so working with hemp fabrics was a natural fit. “British Columbia is definitely known for its cannabis culture, but we also have a strong garment industry here,” says Johnny Kaye, Burb’s co-founder and creative director. “Our cut-and-sew partners are close friends who also breed and supply our industry with some of the rarest genetics around. From seed to thread, quality is all that matters to us here.”

Check out Burb’s “hemp streetwear” in the images above. The new Comfort Collection is available now on the brand’s website.
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