Experts share three Christmas houseplants which look so festive AND stop annoying condensation and mould in your home | The Sun

A GARDENING expert has revealed the three festive houseplants you need to get if you want to stop mould and condensation in your home.

Houseplants are a great way to add some greenery into your home alongside your Christmas tree.

But gardening expert Chris Bonnett revealed there are three household plants that can also work wonders at stopping mould during the winter months.

Plenty of people have shared cleaning tips and tricks online to help combat mould in the home during the winter months.

But a plant does all the work for you.

Speaking to the Express, Chris explained that they absorb moisture and mould around the house as well as provide some festive décor.


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Peace Lily

The first plant the gardening expert recommends is the Peace Lily, which thrives in humid spaces.

He explained that the plant: "Doesn’t require direct sunlight so can be placed in a mould-prone location in the shade".

It would suit the bathroom perfectly as it would get lots of indirect sunlight and moist conditions to stop the soil form drying out.

However, the gardening expert noted that the peace lily is mildly toxic and should be kept away from pets.

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Orchids can absorb mouldCredit: Getty


Another plant which can help absorb condensation and mould are Orchids.

Chris added that air plants help reduce humidity in a room, as they get all their nutrients and moisture from the air.

To keep them thriving he recommends watering them regularly and misting them.

Spider Plant

The finally household plant to banish mould is the Spider Plant.

The gardening expert said these easy to care for plants can remove harmful pollutants in the home.

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