I asked for a simple heart for my first tattoo – what I got was complete disaster & I am never going to get inked again

A WOMAN was left mortified after asking for a simple heart tattoo and ending up with something totally different.

The TikToker, who posts under the username "Tyana Monique", had decided to get a simple but special heart outline inked on her shoulder.

However, her tattoo artist had other ideas and decided to put his own spin on the work to Tyana's dismay.

In the TikTok, Tyana starts by showing off the design she wanted on her shoulder with the video with the words "he seriously messed my tattoo up I just wanted something simple but he wanted to be extra".

The caption is also accompanied by two emojis – a facepalming one and an angry red face.

Using the popular "what I wanted vs what I got" trend audio, the video then reveals an image of the design she received which is coloured in red and has two hideous white spots.

Viewers were quick to comment and many were highly critical of the tattoo artist.

One slammed the inker saying: "He would be paying for the removal."

"Goodbye why would he do that," said another.

A third said in disbelief: "This has to be fake cause there’s no way a tattoo artist can mess up that bad."

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Other TikTokers were quick to crack light-hearted jokes about the situation.

One user joked: "My little heart is messed up too!"

Tyana explained that the tattoo artist didn't listen to her instructions, saying: "He told me he wanted to add a shine to it I said if there’s gonna be color added then just leave it as it is and no shine but he insisted."

However, she revealed in the comments that her disappointing body artwas then covered up by a different artist after it turned black.

She said: "I got it covered up but after a few hours it started changing so I called to get the white spots he added on it filled in but I couldn’t trust them.

"To go back it cost $40 but after a week it turned black so I got it covered up by a different artist."

The TikToker added that she had washed her hands of the shop where the original artist "messed up" her ink.

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"I think he wanted to be extra and perfect it that he truly did mess up my tattoo but I got it covered up.

"My tattoo looks so much better and I never went back to that man or that shop in general again."

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