I paid £50 for a delicate flower tattoo – it looks like a kid drew it, people troll me & ask if I've scribbled on myself

FORMER kitchen porter, Jo Rand, 29 from Thurrock Essex, ended up with a tattoo resembling a child’s crayon drawing and was forced to hide her hands  because she was so traumatised.

Mum to Logan, 9, and Hunter, 2, Jo lives with partner, Ryan Caring, 29, a lorry driver, here she spoke to Fabulous about her traumatic ordeal.

As a mum of two children I am someone who likes subtle tattoos with special meaning. They have been my way of paying tribute to people in my life.

I have eleven tattoos and got my first one when I was 15 years old. It’s a butterfly and a heart on my back to remember a friend who had passed away.

I also have delicate hearts on my fingers which represent the love of my partner and family.

In October last year I decided to get a daisy tattoo spreading across my thumb and hand. It’s my son Logan’s birth flower. 


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I took the tattooist a picture of the inking I wanted him to replicate – it required very thin lines and delicate shading.

It cost me £50 but after it was finished I burst into tears.

Because of the delicate work of art I hoped for, I was left with what looked like a kid’s crayon drawing. 

When I got home I couldn’t stop looking at it – I felt so shocked. 

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I’d followed all the rules, showing the tattooist the exact tattoo I wanted and pre-checked their work. 

For the next four weeks I was constantly pulling my sleeve over my thumb to hide the tattoo. 

Then, over Christmas, the tattoo became infected because I was constantly hiding it under my pulled down sleeves and with gloves when it should’ve been left open to air. 

It was agony.

Now it’s recovered but I still hate it.

And because it is on my thumb and hand it’s not something I can hide easily.

I tried to cover it with makeup but it doesn’t work well – especially as, because of covid, I’m regularly washing them. 


Now people have insulted it, they ask if I’ve drawn on my hand or if the kids have been at it with felt tips while I’m sleeping. 

I have a popular TikTok account and use my hands a lot when I am talking.

I’ve been trolled for my tattoo. 

My followers know I have other tattoos and as a mum they called me out for getting one that was bad.

So, I decided to use the trolls and ask their advice. 

A couple suggested a specialist tattoo shop in Colchester run by women for women.

It’s called the Pastel Palace. It has a safe space for people who are worried about getting tattoos.

They did a daisy on my other arm exactly like the picture I chose. 

I am now having the dodgy daisy covered up with a multi-shaded feather – it’ll end up costing £150.

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Women need to stand up for their rights when it comes to tattooing.

It’s something that will last forever and the thrill of getting ink can easily be replaced with  tattoo terror and trolling.

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