I bagged piles of cut-price goodies from my local Marks & Spencer – trolls say I’m ‘stockpiling’’ and should donate it | The Sun

A SHOPPER has gone viral after revealing how much goodies they bagged from Marks & Spencer – but trolls are all saying they should be donated.

We all love a good bargain – especially now that Brits could be suffering through the cost-of-living crisis for more than another year.

With food, fuel and energy prises now rising, people all across the nation are on the lookout for a good deal more than ever.

This is exactly what one shopper did when visiting their local Marks & Spencer.

Here, the person, who goes by the name Meme Meme on Facebook, came across an amazing deal they simply could not miss out on, and decided to share the find on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

The photo of the post revealed a huge pile of goodies – a whopping 16 bottles of blackcurrant squash, more than a dozen mini cartons of tropical juice, apple juice and orange juice and six other plastic bottles of more juice.

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''M&S cartoons 45p high juice 75p and blackcurrant squash 45p this was in sittingbourne kent [sic],'' the happy shopper revealed in the caption above the snap.

However, whilst Meme Meme might've been delighted with spotting the deal, the post received a number of mixed emotions and saw a lot of members of the group ''moaning''.

One person took it to comments to share their thoughts and was convinced that not everyone would've done the same.

''No we wouldn’t, about 5 or 6 people could of benefitted from that mountain of juice, instead only one person took it all… it just doesn’t sound or seem right [sic].''

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Another critic agreed, adding: ''Does someone who has a spare £30 + to spend on a juice stockpile really need to buy it all so that someone who is struggling to pay for basics can't get any?''

A fellow member of the popular Facebook group, Nicole Grimason, also joined the discussion.

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She explained that whilst she usually didn't care what others do, it would never occur to her ''to take every single one of something''.

Nicole went on to say that it's as if some of the people ''were never taught to share'' growing up.

Despite receiving harsh critique by some, there were also plenty of those who took the shopper's side and believed trolls were ''salty'' only because they had missed out on the bargain themselves.

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''With the prices shooting up so much gotta make the most of deals where we can,'' wrote Dani MB.

Before the original author of the post had switched off the comments, Joanne Hine managed to give her two cents: ''Those who are moaning, you don't know this person's circumstances, they might be a single parent, they might be donating, they might be getting for school.''

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