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EVERY outfit should be comfortable and flattering, but it's hard to achieve both when you're focused on dressing for your body shape.

Style master Bethany helped curvy hip fashionistas find climbing clothes with her five tips on what not to wear.

The established YouTuber @DearlyBethany explains how to upgrade and find your style to her 1.2 million subscribers.

As someone who has struggled to find confidence in her own look, Bethany likes to aid others in their journeys.

Finding the right clothes to wear to flatter curvy hips was challenging, but now she's sharing her expertise.

Bethany posted a video outlining her five tips on what not to wear and the items to choose from instead.


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"I have wider hips, thicker thighs, and short legs. This is because my body shapes land somewhere between a pear shape and an hourglass," Bethany starts.

"Because of this, I have mastered a few tips and tricks over the past decade in order to help me even out my proportions."

Tip #1: "Avoid jeans that have a light wash or heavy whiskering."

Whiskering is distressed or worn detailing often seen in pants, specifically added horizontal lining by the hips.

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This lining widens the presence of your hips and emphasizes the area.

To de-emphasize the area, you should stay clear of this detailing and opt for dark wash options.

However, you don't always need to choose the darkest wash, so long as your top is always lighter than your bottoms.

"This will make my top half look a lot more proportional and prominent, and it'll balance everything out," Bethany explains.

Tip #2: "Avoid hip-length tops and jackets."

You don't want to wear a jacket that ends at the "widest part of your hips" or the start of your legs.

Bethany says: "That's going to emphasize that area as if I'm just drawing a line here."

The jacket you choose should be cropped well over your hip line or fall below it.

According to Bethany, long coats and lengthy jackets are flattering no matter your height.

If you like a hip-length option, choose one with a curved or asymmetrical lining to soften the emphasis on your hips.

Tip #3: "Avoid loud bottoms."

Bold prints and bright colors should be saved for your tops rather than your bottom options.

It's important to draw attention upwards to even out your proportion, and wearing trendy or abstract printed pants does the opposite.

Tip #4: "Avoid skirts and pants with a low waist."

"If that is low-waisted, that is going to bring attention and exaggeration to the hip width. That is also going to stunt the length of the legs," Bethany proclaims.

"If you have these curves on your bottom half, it's best to visually highlight them by drawing out that leg length as far as possible."

Any pant that sinches your waist, either high-rise or mid-rise, is a better option.

Tip #5: "Avoid tight bottoms."

Bethany believes skinny jeans and form-fitting skirts "make your thighs look bigger than they are."

She admits her go-to clothing includes: straight-leg pants, midi skirts, and mini dresses.

Bethany's advice inspired viewers to share the style tips that have worked for them.

"As someone with this body type, I’ve also found personally that using chunkier style shoes (rather than very petite and tiny style shoes) actually makes my thighs look more in proportion," one wrote.

Another viewer argued: "I agree with you on almost everything minus the straight-leg bottoms bc it really just depends on the other clothes you pair with it!"

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An honest fashion fan commented: "As someone with very curvy hips I’ve finally realized that flared jeans suit me best and even out my proportions."

"I LOVE this video!! It's so helpful," one supporter added.

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