I tried the viral Vaseline TikTok hack to get amazing lashes without mascara and was stunned at the results | The Sun

THE secret to long curled lashes has been revealed with a super simple beauty hack that uses only two easy-to-buy products: vaseline and an eyelash curler. 

“This is REVOLUTIONARY”, said Chantelle Fen on TikTok as she tried the new viral trend which creates a “lash lift” look naturally. 

The first half of the video saw Chantelle wrestling with her vaseline pot as she struggled to take the lid off the tub. 

“I've been sitting here for so long trying to open this vaseline and it's just not working” she said as she tried to use her teeth to pry it apart. 

Once she eventually opened it up, she took a swab of vaseline and put it onto her eyelash curler. 

Chantelle took inspiration from another video she saw trending on TikTok which explained, “all you do is rub some vaseline onto the soft band” of the eyelash curler. 

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“So I’m putting some vaseline on the band like she says, I'm not sure how long you're supposed to do this but I’m just going to keep going”, Chantelle began.

She then held the curler for 30 seconds on each lash, gently squeezing them a thin layer of vaseline.  

When she removed the curler, Chantelle looked stunned saying “Oh my god, that freakin’ works!”, happy that the beauty hack was a success. 

Others who had tried the beauty hack already commented, “I’ve been doing this for a really long time and it makes my lashes hold better”. 

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A few mentioned how they prefer to apply the vaseline in the evening saying, “I put it on when I don’t feel like putting on mascara and at night so it made my eyelashes grow a lot” 

Some viewers were concerned that if you put vaseline on your eyelashes that using mascara would not work. 

But others replied that if you “apply a VERY thin layer before mascara it isn't that hard, I think it doesn't make my eyelashes fall as much when I take my mascara off”

“Don’t put vaseline near your eyes?! Did no one watch Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging”? exclaimed one comment, referencing the 2008 Rom-Com where the main character, Georgia, desperate to make herself look prettier, applied a layer of vaseline to her eyelashes. 

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However, the beauty hack didn’t work so well in the movie with the boy, Georgia was trying to impress, thinking that she had conjunctivitis in her eye. 

Well, lesson learned, a thin layer is all you need to have beautifully long, curly lashes.

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