I'm a mom – a simple $3 item catches all the dust on your surfaces and stops it from coming back | The Sun

A MOM has shared an affordable way to catch all the dust on your surfaces that will keep them looking tidy for longer.

TikToker Danielle Christina said that taking a dryer sheet, which retails for as little as $3, is the key to wiping your baseboards.

“Take out a dryer sheet and dust your baseboards,” she said

“It seriously works so good at getting the dust off them and repelling it from coming back.”

Fans raved about how well the hack worked in the comments.

“It works great on the board under the kitchen cabinets, not just dust gets there,” one user chimed in.

“Yessss I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks. Works wonders,” said another.

“Yep works every time,” a third chimed in.

The video has been viewed over 11,000 times.

Danielle, under the username @momthatlovestoclean, has over 2.4million TikTok followers and over 10million likes.

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As the US Sun reported in March, she revealed the importance of laundry stripping your bedding—and when you see how much dirt comes out, you’ll wish you started doing it sooner.

“Laundry stripping is a cleaning method designed to get any build-up out of your clothing,” she began.

“I do it seasonally with all of the bedding in the house, and today I’m showing you it on a comforter.”

In a large sink or bathtub filled with hot water, combine half a cup of laundry detergent, one-third a cup of borax, and some washing soda.

Next, Danielle placed the comforter into the water and began swirling it around with a pole.

“Move the laundry around every 30 minutes for four hours,” she advised.

After letting the comforter soak, the water became murky and yellow.

Viewers also added that this method works well for dirty clothing, throw rugs, and sports caps that are filled with sweat and sunscreen.

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