I went to watch a romantic sunset with a boy… then he started cutting his toenails

EVER been invited on a date, only to turn up to find something completely different to what you expected?

This woman was met by a sight she was not prepared for at her latest potentially romantic evening out.

Jess Roberts from Stillwater, Oklahoma, turned up to watch the stunning sunset by the lake with a would-be love interest, only to feel sickened by the sight.

She said: "So I went to watch the sunset with a boy…" as she showed a glimpse of the orange, red and blue sky.

Her male friend was sat on the floor, holding his toes and using a nail clipper to trim his toenails right next to her.

To her horror: "He started cutting his toenailsssss"

The Oklahoma State university student wrote over the video of the pair stood on a jetty by a lake, under the sunset.

Jess instinctively covered her mouth to stop herself from being sick at the rather unromantic and off-putting scene.

Commenters on the video told her to: "Feedhim to the fish"

Others also encouraged her to push him in the water, saying: "Nah girl throw him back lmao."

"How romantic," another added sarcastically.

Finding the situation hilarious, one person wrote: "Nothing like cutting your toe nails under the perfect sunset. Marry him"

"He’s a keeper" others insisted.

Many offered advice for the boy in the video too, saying: "Someone tell that kid you’re suppose to groom yourself before the date not during."

While others realised they rarely see nail clippers outside the house, saying: "He came prepared."

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