If you spot the four-leaf clover hidden among the playing cards in under 15 seconds then you have a high IQ | The Sun

IT'S Christmas time, and lots of time for rest and relaxation, right?

Think again because this brain teaser is going to have you scratching your head.

The challenge is to spot the four-leaf clover hidden among the playing cards.

It's a bewildering, busy image and you have a very short 15 seconds to complete the task.

However, should you complete the mission it means you have a high IQ.

In this game, a pack of playing cards is strewn across the image.

To get you in the competitive spirit, Vape Superstore has challenged readers to spot the odd playing card out.

Hidden amongst the deck is a club card featuring a lucky four-leaf clover.

There will be fun and games trying to find it and whoever locates it will be fortunate indeed.

This playing card is fiendishly difficult to spot.

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This festive teaser is the perfect opportunity to tear yourself away from reaching for another sausage roll or glass of wine.

Why not test yourself against family and friends for some good-spirited competition?

It's the season of goodwill and we can offer you a clue to the hiding place of the four-leaf clover.

Divide the picture into four squares and then focus your eyes to the top right box.

You may find what you are looking for in the bottom left of this area.

If its position still eludes you, we have highlighted its position in the image below.

But perhaps your festive appetite for similar games has not been sated.

We have plenty more for you to choose from.

How about this Christmas-themed game featuring Santa?

He's lost his hat and your mission is to find it in the busy scene.

He looks bewildered and so might you by the time you finish.

Rudolf Gergely Dudás aka The Dudolf is responsible for this fun game.

He is a Hungarian artist who has produced dozens of mind-boggling tasks.

If you can locate Santa's hat then it means you are a jolly genius.

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Perhaps a clue might help. Look north from Santa and you might find what you are looking for.

If you don't want to know the answer, avert your eyes now.

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