‘I’m cooking Xmas dinner in the air fryer – it makes crispiest roast potatoes’

You don't need a traditional oven to cook Christmas dinner.

A great grandmother has shown you can whip up an entire three-course meal in the air fryer. What's more, she says the handy device provides the "best roast potatoes".

Beverley Jarvis, 74, from Ashford, Kent, is getting to work with her Instant Vortex Plus machine during the festive season.

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After being inspired by her son in May 2022, she bought the cooker and was quickly hooked. She started honing her air fryer recipes – and now, she's the author of the Everyday Air Fryer Cookbook.

Speaking about her festive cooking plans, Beverley said: "I'm doing pigs in blankets, two roast turkey breasts wrapped in bacon, I'm cooking basmati rice in the air fryer for a Christmas salad.

"Honestly the roast potatoes I made were the crispiest potatoes ever and I just used a tablespoon of oil and two teaspoons of goose or duck fat, and they were delicious.

"I'm also doing a vegetable medley including Brussel sprouts, a salmon side with sliced clementines, parmesan crisps to have with drinks and carrot and cranberry muffins.

"Another thing I do is a whole camembert with a little bit of rosemary and garlic – put it in the air frier and a few minutes later you've got a wonderful dip.

"Prue Leith said: 'I never thought I'd be an air fryer fan, but Beverley Jarvis has me hooked' – the advantages are amazing to be honest. And it's three-and-a-half times cheaper to use than an oven."

She recommended: "One thing that's fabulous for Christmas is dried clementine slices – they take about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

"I just cook them on 82 degrees, and they'll be on display. For Christmas dinner, I would cook turkey boned and rolled with bacon around it and parboiled potatoes tossed in little oil and goose or duck fat, they only need a little bit.

"I put the potatoes around the turkey joint, and you'll find it's cooked in 55 minutes as opposed to an hour and 40 minutes in the oven.

"I also make an alternative Christmas cake – I've got a delicious recipe for a yogurt and oil cake with cranberries and chocolate chips. It's so quick in the air fryer."

Beverley hopes to inspire others to take the plunge and snap up air fryers of their own. She added: "What I say to people is if you're wondering whether to take the plunge, don't hesitate – you will really benefit from having one in your kitchen.

"I use it every day for almost everything and am now working on my second air fryer cookbook. It's the efficiency of them that I'm so impressed with, they can cook from frozen, reheat food, it can do fish, meat, veg, poultry – the scope is unbelievable."

Looks delicious… We're just waiting on our invite for Christmas Day now, Beverley!

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