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DESIGNER fashion can be well worth the investment, but one fashion expert has revealed the item they’ll never purchase from designer brands.

Fashion expert and editor of The Frugality Alex Stedman says that she’ll never invest in sunglasses from designer brands, explaining why this is in a TikTok video.

Her decision on this comes from years of working in the fashion industry, and the way in which these sunglasses don’t tend to have been cared for very well before reaching the consumer.

“Generally the vast majority of designer sunglasses are made by two big companies and they’re licensed,” says Alex.

This can leave them at risk of being lower quality than other items from these designer brands, even though you’ll still be paying designer prices.

She adds: “And when I used to request sunglasses for photo shoots we’d just be sent a jiffy bag… they’d be no care taken, they weren’t individually wrapped or anything and they were never requested back.”


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Alex says that from that moment on she decided that it wasn’t worth investing in designer sunglasses.

“No shade to anyone who loves them!” she writes in the video’s caption, adding: “If we called in clothes or handbags for a shoot from the same brands, the items would be sent in dust bags, wrapped carefully in tissue with so much care. 

“Sunglasses would be sent from a different supplier and thrown in a jiffy envelope with 20 other pairs.”

She argues that you are likely to get better value for your money when buying sunglasses from high street retailers.

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Commenters on the video tended to agree with Alex’s argument, with one writing: “Look for actual sunglasses brands that produce their own quality glasses.”

“This year I bought a pair of sunglasses from Lidl. The best I've bought so far. I'm 55 so I've bought a lot of glasses over the years”, wrote another.

And a third added: “I only buy designer sunglasses for cheap from TK maxx for this reason… not worth any money really.”

However some argued that they’d purchased designer sunnies that actually have lasted them, one such commenter wrote: 

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“From experience my designer glasses have been a worthy investment. Had dozens of cheap pairs that always broke. My Celines are going on 9yrs now.”

“I have a pair of Chanel, their lens colour is amazing and now 12 yrs on they are double the price” added another.

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