I’m a gardening expert and you should NEVER use tap water on houseplants in the winter – you could do serious damage | The Sun

HOUSEPLANTS have got a job on their hands surviving the dark and chilly winter months.

It's important not to overwater plants as they lie dormant as too much water can rot the roots.

As for the plants that require humidity, they can really struggle in the colder months as the air is drier.

But don't worry, the experts at plant care brand Baby Bio® shared their tips on how to help plants make it through this winter.

One of their most surprising tips, was that you shouldn't use water straight from the cold tap.

The experts said: “Don’t use water straight from the cold tap, as it can become too cold during winter months and shock the root system.

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“Instead, use tepid water by allowing it to reach room temperature before watering your plants.

“Although most plants aren’t actively growing during the winter, we recommend using a houseplant feed like Baby Bio® Houseplant Food once a month to ensure they’re still getting all of the nutrients they need to survive the season.”

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They also suggested moving your plants around so that they aren't by radiators or in the line of any draughts from windows.

On the whole, houseplants don't like to be too warm or too cold.

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