I look like an angel until I swap from baggy sweater to bikini – people are shocked when they see my real skin | The Sun

A VIRAL video showcased one woman's dramatic transformation from an angelic cherub to a sultry smokeshow – and both versions are a perfect 10.

Commenters couldn't believe the "work of art" hiding underneath the woman's cozy sweater.

The young "devil in disguise" goes by Gabriela on content creation platforms including TikTok, where she posted her big reveal.

She captured her metamorphosis in a video while lip-synching to a super-fast version of the popular Elvis Presley song.

In the clip, Gabriela batted her eyelashes and posed while Elvis described a woman who walks, talks, and looks like an angel.

Then, the music abruptly changed: as soon as the devil was mentioned, the bass dropped, and so did Gabriela's sweater.


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Underneath, she wore a bright-yellow bikini, but that wasn't what had people talking.

The strappy swimsuit revealed Gabriela is covered head to toe in elaborate tattoos.

Her designs included detailed dragons, intricate florals, and even the word "angel."

In the caption, she admitted that she felt like an angel when her tattoos weren't visible, but showing a sliver of skin majorly changed her mood.

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Viewers were shocked when they saw her body, and filled the comments section with their surprise.

"I screamed! Wow," one impressed commenter said.

Another wrote, in all caps, "MY JAW DROPPED."

"I couldn’t breathe for a sec," added a third, admitting he was totally surprised. "Didn’t expect that at all."

The big reveal earned Gabriela some intense come-ons, too, including proposals of marriage.

"That tattoo is wild. I am officially in love," a person declared.

"I wanna be you when I grow up," an aspirational woman said.

One man said Gabriela's looks had him reconsidering what he'd asked Santa Claus for.

"Silly me thinking I wanted a new PC for Christmas," he wrote. "Gotta call the old dude and change wishes."

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With over 15million views, the video received its fair share of comments in dozens of languages, but one woman captured the universal sentiment.

"Holy hell," she wrote. "I wasn't expecting that."

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