I’m a plus-size fashion expert – my easy 'balance' tip will make your outfits so much more flattering | The Sun

A FASHION expert has shared a style tip that is sure to make any outfit so much more flattering.

The content creator shared the clothes balance tip online and impressed viewers with its effectiveness.

TikTok creator Steph is a mid to plus-size boutique owner that has acquired her own special fashion hacks to take any outfit to the next level.

Many of her videos are try-on hauls, product reviews, and other fashion-related topics.

In a video, Steph delves into detail about how balance and body shape proportions can completely change how an outfit looks on your particular frame.

From the start, the content creator emphasizes that in order to create balance make sure that you're not wearing an oversized top or bottom.


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Steph is wearing a long red tunic-style top with black leggings and black knee-length boots.

The look is meant to exhibit the outfit balance effect that she's been talking about.

To remain transparent, she also reveals her personal measurements, which are she is 5/9",a size 14/16, or extra large, and has a 38DDD bust.

The oversized top paired with the monochromatic bottom brings it down to a point and creates an inverted triangle.

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According to Steph, as shown by her choice of attire in the vice, the way to balance out an oversize top is to have a smaller bottom.

She then switches to a red long-sleeve V-neck sweater that she loosely tucks into black bootcut jeans to show the opposite effect.

"Because my pants are going to show the balance at the bottoms because they're bootcut, I am going to wear a closer-fitting top," she states.

In the first outfit, she is wearing a larger, oversized top that doesn’t show her body at all and actually makes her look bigger than the outfit that’s closer fitting.

She also makes a point to mention in the video caption that in the second style, viewers can see her belly fat, back fat, and thick thighs, but she looks smaller overall.

One takeaway from the fashion lover's advice is that bigger and baggier clothes can make you look larger.

At the end of the day, Steph makes a point to mention that though the second look has a slimming effect, it is important to still wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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