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EVER wondered just how preschool teachers handle so many kids each day?

A 23-year-old educator, who goes by the name of Malik on social media, revealed just how he handles tantrums in the classroom, even when he gets frustrated himself.

In a video, a little girl, who was sobbing, approached Malik after she was rejected by another group of girls.

He asked her what was wrong, which only made her cry even more.

Noticing she had no control of her emotions, he asked her to do a breathing exercise.

The child breathed deeply along with him and once she had calmed down enough, she revealed what was making her upset: the other kids didn't want to play with her.

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As she talked, he made sure to remain calm and neutral about the situation, which he claimed was the key to handling the tantrums.

He had written in the caption of the video: "If you show emotion towards their crying, it escalates more. So keep it neutral and calm.

"And don't forget to keep eye contact."

The teacher then made sure the little girl had calmed down before offering her a hug, which she accepted.

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In the comment section, he then explained he was not angry at the little girl's tantrum but was internally frustrated because "it was the fifth one he had in three minutes."

He also attributed his good way with the kids to being raised by his grandparents. He claimed he had been forced to grow up quickly so he could be there for his younger siblings.

Many praised him for his patience with the kids.

One person wrote: "You are going to be one of those teachers that when they grow up they will remember."

A second one shared: "He's probably everyone's favorite teacher."

And a third added: "The way you showed her how to regulate her emotions and validated her feelings without escalating."

A mom had previously shared how she handles tantrums when her daughter demanded a new toy when they went to the store.

She revealed that if your child really wants a toy, you can take a snap and tell them that you'll send it to Santa Claus.

This should hopefully calm them down, while giving you ideas for holiday presents.

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