I'm a size 8 and my mum's a 16 – we tried on the same New Look jeans to see if they could really work for both of us | The Sun

A MUM and daughter duo tried on different pairs of jeans from New Look to see if they would look good on their different shapes.

They were surprised by how much they liked some of the options, but others were a definite no-no.

Tashika, size 8, and her mum Tammica, size 16, tried on the jeans together and had no idea what to expect.

The admitted that they were worried the jeans might be too long, since they are both under 5'5.

The first pair the tried on were a classic blue flared style, but Tammica struggled to even get them on because they were so tight.

Luckily, the second pair fit much better and even had a frayed details on the legs.

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The 'Inside Out Mom Jeans' cost £24 and even though they were the same size as the flared pair they fit Tammica perfectly.

She said: "I like this one, I like the pattern, no belly coming up on the side, no muffin top."

However this time they were too big for size 8 Tashika, she quipped: "the length is really nice though."

Next the duo tried on some black skinny jeans, but getting them on was a challenge in itself.

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Tashika said: "They're uncomfortable and too tight, I'd need a size 10."

However she added that if she sized although they'd then fit her thighs, the waist would be too big and they'd probably be too long as well.

After that they tried on blue cropped wide-leg jeans, but the sizing was way off again.

The size eight was massive on Tashika, the denim would barely stay up, but on her mum the size 16 wouldn't zip up at all.

"It makes no sense, I don't understand why they're so big," Tashika said.

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When they held the jeans up together to compare they looked almost exactly the same, despite one being labelled as a size 8 with a 28inch waist, and the other a size 16 with a 38inch waist.

Tashika added: "One is a 8 and one's and 16 but you can't tell because they look the same, they're so wide."

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