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WITH so many options out there it can be difficult for dog owners to know which toys will be the best for the pooch.

Well luckily vet and TikToker Dr Hunter Finn has shared a helpful guide revealing which four toys you should always avoid buying for your pup.

According to the vet there are a number of popular dog toys that may cause problems for your dog and should really be avoided.

Chicken Jerky

The first item Hunter says should be avoided is chicken jerky, although he does add that not all jerky is bad.

However it may not be worth the risk unless you know for sure the brand is a good choice.


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He says: “Certain jerky products from China have been linked to urinary tract disease. Not all jerky is bad, but in my opinion it’s not worth the risk to your pet.”


Antlers are another item that should be avoided, according to this vet.

Hunter says: “They are great at lasting a long time. Also great at breaking teeth. And great at causing perforations and GI (gastrointestinal infection) upset when swallowed.”


While popular, and something people may consider a staple toy for dogs, Hunter argues that these are not actually a good choice for your pups.

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Hunter says that these cause similar problems as antlers, but with even more GI upset.


Rawhide can cause some problems for dogs, says Hunter.

Showing some to the camera, he adds: “These double layered knotted ends are SUPER difficult to swallow and digest.

“Just stay away from these all together”, he finishes.

The comments on Hunter’s video quickly filled with other vet and animal workers, giving their own tips on what toys should be avoided, and how this can vary between dogs.

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“Also rope toys. When I was a vet tech had a dog die because the he ate the rope toy and wrapped around his intestines. We did CPR for 10 mins”, wrote one commenter.

Another added: “Pet nutritionist here. This handsome vet is mostly correct. Not all dogs/cats are created equal though. Some can stomach bones just fine.”

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