I’m an ex-teacher, the names you should never call your kids… Emma’s are too timid & Aiden’s are on the hot mess express | The Sun

IT can be very difficult to settle on a baby name when you're parents-to-be.

But one teacher has offered her sage advice on the names to avoid – because of the attributes she's noticed go hand-in-hand with the monikers.

Jaclyn took to her TikTok page to share a video explaining the "names you shouldn't name your child – from a teacher".

"I have taught for over seven years, no longer teach now but these names will be forever engrained in my brain," she began.

"Names have power and I’m doing you a service."

First up, she suggested steering clear of any names like "Aiden, Kayden, Jayden, Braden".

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"These boys are a lot," she said.

"They’re on the hot mess express."

For girls' names, Emily or Emma are among the monikers Jaclyn advised leaving on the no pile.

"Every single Emily or Emma I’ve had is afraid of the whole world," she continued.

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"They may be sweet girls but they are timid and fragile, fragile girls.

"That name is just too soft."

Jake, Kyle, Dylan and Josh have "inherent frat boy energy", according to Jaclyn, who also said that boy names that start with J should be avoided.

"J names are toxic," she sighed.

And finally, Jaclyn said that girls names that end with "ia" are worth avoiding.

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"Mia, Sophia, Olivia – they’re gonna give you a run for your money," she concluded.

In her caption, Jaclyn wrote: "Teachers, do you agree? *former students watching this: I’m not talking about you. Obviously."

And people in the comments section were quick to weigh in on Jaclyn's name assumptions.

"I have a Natalia and Olivia…. and it's true! I also have an Emma and she's just interesting lol," one wrote.

While another added: "As an Emma I am indeed afraid of the whole world.

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"But to be fair, the whole world and everything in it is scary."

And a third commented: "I once taught a class with 15 boys with j names, it almost broke me."

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