I'm mid-size & have a love hate relationship with Zara – I wish they'd make longer dresses so my bum doesn't hang out | The Sun

A MID-SIZE fashion enthusiast hasrevealed her love-hate relationship with Zara's sizing.

Aideen Kate, who posts under the acronym @aideenkatemua, shared a short video to TikTok where she can be seen offering a very realistic Zara haul try on – with very mixed reviews.

First up, she tries on a silk pink dress which features tie bow detail.

"We have this dress…I can't even turn around right now because I know my a*** is hanging out. I'm 5ft 8," she says.

She then slips into a gorgeous green maxi dress and a delighted Aideen enthuses: "It's nice and long – so cute for summer. It's a size large. I would say this is definitely a true fit."

But things go downhill again when Aideen steps into a white mini dress.


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"I just feel a little bit too self-conscious to wear a dress this tight."

"It will zip on me but I just can't actually get the zip up."

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"It is a stretchy material but I just know I'd feel too self-conscious in this with this area -it's more of a me problem than a Zara problem."

Next up, is a white waist-coat style dress.

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"It's giving everything but nothing for me at the same time," she notes.

"It's way too tight on this area for me. The back of this is so cute – if you were a hen!"

She then also holds up the viral white tie-back mini dress and reveals she bought a size XL.

"No it's not!" she says. "I want to try it I really do, but do I also want to ruin my own day?"

Aideen concludes the video by saying: "It's not you that's the problem, it is the clothes – but we didn't do too bad this time."

The post has since garnered a whopping 306,000 views and been flooded with comments from fashion enthusiasts.

"It’s such a shame that the only thing that suited a midsize person is the long flowy things 🙁 they are gorge but we should be able to feel nice," wrote one.

A second commented: "I dream that someday bigger girls like myself will be able to shop in Zara too. Petition for Zara to bring out a plus size range."

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A third added: "I work at Zara and the amount of times that white dress has been returned because of the ridiculous sizing!"

Another agreed: "The last dress is everywhere and it fits for literally no one. Also you’re gorgeous."

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