I’m mum-shamed for breastfeeding my three-year-old girl – cruel trolls even call HER a ‘fat c***’

A MUM says that her daughter is targeted by cruel trolls online because she shares snaps of herself breastfeeding them.

Amy McGlade from Adelaide, calls herself "The Breastmilk Queen” and shares candid snaps of her feeding routine on social media in an effort to ‘normalise’ breastfeeding.

She has garnered a loyal following of mums applauding her unapologetic approach to feeding her daughter, Scarlett, three.

But for every positive comment, Amy has to fend off brutal online trolls and admits she’s not immune to their comments and it hurts.

Speaking to Kidspot she says: “I am inviting people into my home, I am sharing my children, my family and my life and I would hope you’d be kind.

“But name calling and attacking my children isn’t alright. [Trolls] have so much time for hate, and I just delete and block them but they keep coming.

“They say your kid is a fat little c**t that depends on you. Or that I am messing them up psychologically. They think I am damaging my kids.”

Amy said breastfeeding beyond 12 months draws the most criticism.

“Everyone is OK with you breastfeeding a tiny baby, but as that baby grows older people expect that baby to be moved on to cow’s milk or a bottle,” she explains.

“They don’t expect a baby with teeth, talking or walking to be breastfeeding. They expect you to stop. Breastfeeding a toddler is confronting to some people, they are not used to seeing it.”

She said it’s not only keyboard warriors criticising her, but other mothers too, which she finds most upsetting.

To provide more support for women following a similar path she recently launched the Breastfeeders Club, complete with jumpers with slogans such as Mind Your Own Boobs.

“People join my virtual club because they don’t know people in real life, or they are embarrassed. It is for the loud and proud out there breastfeeding,” says Amy.

“I know what I have done has made an impact on so many women and it creates healthy women and healthy babies. They feel super empowered and proud."

“Everyone should be proud of it and embrace it. It is the only way breastfeeding will be recognised as not just normal, but pretty cool. Breastfeeding needs to be seen to be understood. If we don’t see it, we are never going to understand it.”

To find out more about midwife and coach Amy McGlade AKA The Breastmilk Queen connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

This article was originally published on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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