Mum shares clever school uniform hack that'll save you so much time in the morning and it costs just 50p | The Sun

KIDS may have only just gone back to school, but some parents are already feeling the stress of the morning rush.

From eating breakfast and getting dressed to preparing packed lunches, getting children out of the door on time can be a nightmare.

But luckily, one savvy mum, who posts under the acronym @goldilocks.bears.x, took to TikTok and shared a very handy hack that can help you save precious time in the morning.

And best of all – it costs as little as 50p.

In a short clip, the clever mum can be seen holding two pull-tabs which she's removed from the top of two fizzy cans of drink.

"Grab some drink can tops and keep your kid's uniform organised," she explains.


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She then picks up a hanger which has her child's school jumper on it, and places one of the pull-tabs on the top of the hook of the hanger.

Taking another hanger which has her son's trousers on, she then hooks the end into the hole of the first pull-tab.

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Finally, she repeats the steps one last time with her son's school polo top, resulting in all of the school uniform hanging neatly together.

The post has since racked up a whopping 286,000 views and received comments from grateful parents up and down the country.

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"Omg genius," wrote one.

A second enthused: "I actually looked at this and thought seen it before in wardrobes but this is brilliant for kids. Love this idea!"

A third praised: "Omg fab idea."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Good simple idea."

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A further added: "Brilliant! I'll be doing that! Thanks."

And one more social media user commented: "You're genius -something so simple but so helpful."

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