Mum shares easy tips for keeping the kids entertained over the holidays using stuff already in your cupboards

A MUM is sharing her best tips on how to create kids' activities to keep them busy over the Christmas period.

The woman from the US, creates lots of games and crafts for her kids, using only items she has in her home to keep them occupied during their Christmas holidays.

Posting under the domain @goodbyetwenties the mom shows how she creates an activity she calls "Christmas magic milk."

"Kids' activities using items found at home," said the mum.

"Today we tried Christmas magic milk. Put whole milk in a shallow pan, and put drops of food colouring, then a Q-Tip dipped in dish soap will make the colours swirl all around on their own" she added.

Revealing the video of the fun swirling colours, the mum said that no special ingredients were needed.


"Whole milk and regular food colouring work best" she said.

In another post, the mum captioned Christmas tree sticky paper. the mum shared a decorating activity that will keep your kids entertained for ages.

"I drew a Christmas tree on contact paper, put it on the window, sticky side out and gave him (her son) a bowl of ribbon," she said.

Adding: "You could also add pom poms, jingle bells, whatever you have into the bowl."

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The mum said that the child spent ages decorating the window and she didn't hear a peep out of him during the process.

"This activity was surprisingly calm, and quiet."

In a third video, the mum shows how she keeps her child entertained using just raisins and carbonated water.

"This one is called 'dancing raisins'" said the mum.

Adding: "All you do is add carbonated clear liquid into a glass and add raisins. The bubbles stick to the raisins and they move up and down."

The post has been viewed over 35k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"This is one we can all do YAY" commented one person.

Another said: "I am defiantly doing this when my kids wake up from their nap. Thank you."

"I love all these" commented a third.

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