Mum shares simple way she gets rid of grim wee smells in the bathroom in minutes

HAVE you been cleaning your bathroom but can't get rid of that grim wee smell? Now you can consider your problem solved.

One mum has revealed her top tip for getting the pesky "urine smell" out of the bathroom – and we think those with boys will definitely appreciate it.

Posting a video to her TikTok account themodepursuit, Dee Plusch's hack simply requires shaving foam, which can be bought for £1.

The solution helps lift away any hard to shift urine splashes, making it a godsend for busy parents.

It's so simple, you'll be doing it every time you clean the bathroom.

"Cleaned the bathroom and there's still urine odours? You probably have kids," she said in her video.

"Use this hack. First, grab a squeegee and then a grout cleaning brush. To instantly remove odours use shaving foam

"Spray all over the base and scrub the grout with the brush. Squeegee up all of the foam and wipe down with a damp cloth."

The video has proven to be popular on the app, as it has been viewed more than 110k times and has thousands of comments.

Dee explained in the comments that the trick doesn't help to clean the space as it only helps with the smell.

"It's only for odour neutralising, not to clean. It's for after you've cleaned the space," she said.

She said that having foam was a better alternative to bleach as bleach is pungent, whereas this odour is natural.


One commenter suggested even using carpet foam if you didn't have shaving foam on hand.

"I have a son with no sense of direction. Thank you for this information. He is going to love cleaning his toilet. Well, maybe not," someone wrote in the comments.

"Such a good hack," said another.

Dee added: "Works when you have an adult male too."

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