People reveal the WORST design fails they've ever seen

Design disasters! Social media users reveal the WORST interiors they’ve come across – from a hairy staircase to a quilted kitchen unit

  • These images of designs fails were taken globally and collated by Bored Panda
  • Strange design choices include a bright purple kitchen and leatherette cabinets 
  • Some of the architectural decisions could be dangerous – like plugs in a sink 

Taste is a subjective thing, and we all have our own preferences when it comes to decor, as these images show.

These pictures of design and architectural flaws were taken from around the world and collated by Bored Panda.

Among some of the biggest interiors faux pas are a bright purple kitchen, leatherette cabinets, and windows that have been badly placed, and spell out an unpleasant word.

Some of the more dangerous choices include plug sockets placed in a sink, and a door that opens directly onto a set of steep stairs.

Here FEMAIL reveals some of the biggest design fails ever spotted online…

They say purple is a regal colour, but unfortunately, this kitchen is not exactly fit for a king or queen. Plus, some online commentators said the floor looked like it was moving

This table was advertised online as ‘one of a kind’, with it featuring prosthetic limbs decked out in a soldier’s outfit for table legs

Lots of people are finding innovative ways to make the most of the space they have available but putting a toilet in a kitchen cabinet is perhaps taking it a step too far

Hair-raising! One home owner decided to cover their stairs in hairy-looking carpet, shocking social media users

Cream leatherette kitchen cabinets, studded with diamante. Well, at least they are wipe clean for all those cooking mishaps

Another questionable building decision that could end in disaster. I wouldn’t like to fall down that particular set of stairs

What could possibly go wrong? It’s just a flight of stairs perilously placed next to a slippery bath. Looks like the health and safety department were absent when this was designed

Can you imagine the horror of being trapped inside that small room, underneath that washing machine while it’s on the spin cycle? 

This is one of the most ‘shocking’ ideas on the list. Clearly whoever designed this, did not realise that electricity and water are not a good mix

When you’re going through the creative design process, you think about what you want your work to say. The architect clearly wanted this house to say ‘poop’

Not only does the door open directly onto this steep staircase, but the stairs appear to be made from a particularly polished, perilous wood. It is an accident just waiting to happen

Is this some kind of assault course? An attempt to save space? We will probably never know the thinking behind this unusual choice

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